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  • Business networking tips & articles from the author of Your Guide to Networking Success & coauthor of Secrets of Power Marketing, George Torok. Networking tips for your success. Read on...
  • Can networking save your life – or that of someone close to you? Oh Yes! My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His doctor missed the early signs of cancer and then was slow in reacting. Fortunately my father asked me for help and did some of his own checking. We both did some networking. ... read the rest
  • Yes, networking can be frustrating – even when you are doing the right things. It’s more frustrating when you are doing the wrong things, and even more frustrating when you are not sure if you are doing the right things... read the rest What is the most common mistake in networking?
  • Breakfast is a good time for networking. Why? Because it is a good way to start your day - focused on building your business. Also breakfast is an inexpensive meal and the meeting need not go on too long – unlike dinner. Lunch is a good second choice for networking meetings. Meeting with a networking group can be an effective way of building your business. Or it could be a huge waste of your time. The business success that you get from your networking group depends mostly on you and partly on the nature of the group... read the rest
  • Networking is a powerful personal marketing strategy. A good networking strategy can pay off big time. A lousy networking plan and action can be hugely frustrating. What is the difference? How do you get your networking to pay off for you? These questions and answers can help you. Q: What is the most common networking mistake that entrepreneurs make? A: The most common networking mistake is in the approach. Too many think that networking is about attending events. They might even be seduced into believing that networking is about the event. The reality is that networking is a process. The networking events are just points in that process... read the rest
  • If you found the networking genie in the bottle would you know what to ask for? So imagine if you could create a perfect network of just three people. Who would you want in your perfect network? The genie is waiting for your answer. Genies are not patient creatures. Neither would you be if cooped up in a magic bottle... read the rest
  • To build a profitable network you must first understand and master the power of questioning. You must prepare and ask good questions. You must anticipate and prepare for questions. You need to ask yourself questions. A good networker asks good questions. Networking without good questioning is doomed to failure. Don’t try to wing it. Networking can be a big investement of time. Successful networking can be very profitable for you. Why would you wing anything so important? ... read the rest
  • Stop working the room, Start connecting with people. Too many networking experts tell you to “work the room”. Stop doing that. It feels slimy for you and the people who you “work”. Is that the first impression that you want to imprint on contacts in your network? That they just been “worked”? How do you like it when you have been “worked”?
  • Make the smartest use of your networking time. Exceprt from Your Guide to Networking Success by bestselling author George Torok
  • How can You Build More Profitable Relationships? You build relationships over time. They are easier to destroy than to build. Stay in contact by various means. Do more than merely show up at the regular networking meeting. Meet for coffee or lunch once in awhile. Make a phone call, send an email and mail a postcard. Different means of contact makes the relationship stronger and more memorable.
  • Networking Myths and Truths Stop being seduced by the dark side of networking. Examine these networking myths and truths - and start saving yourself time and focus your effort.
  • Personal Marketing tips. Reminder of how necessary and easy it is to market yourself every day by bestselling author George Torok
  • Your first impression while networking might be your handshake. Is it working for you or against you? Follow these simple tips to get your networking handshake right.
  • The most successful salespeople are often those that don't know the most about the service or product they are presenting. I believe it has to do a lot with their voices. The deeper a voice, the greater its believability. Just listen to commercials on the radio. You will notice calm, relaxed, deep voices. Have you ever paid attention to voices?
  • Networking can be a waste of time or it can be very profitable. What’s determines the difference? You – and how you approach the science of networking. To build a more profitable network you need to understand and master the power of questioning. Networking without good questioning is doomed to failure.
  • Networking for the shy. Just ask this simple question to make it easier and more productive for shy networkers. Yes you can be shy and network effectively.
  • Networking is a critical skill sales; after all, the more people you connect with the more you sales opportunities you create. However, many sales people make a variety of mistakes that prevent them from maximizing the power of networking. Here are ten blunders and mistakes you need to avoid.
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Your Guide to Networking Success

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