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Networking is a powerful personal marketing strategy. A good networking strategy can pay off big time. A lousy networking plan and action can be hugely frustrating. What is the difference? How do you get your networking to pay off for you? These questions and answers about business networking can help you be more effective.

Q: What is the most common networking mistake that entrepreneurs make?
A: The most common networking mistake is in the approach. Too many think that networking is about attending events. They might even be seduced into believing that networking is about the event. The reality is that networking is a process. The networking events are just points in that process.

Q: What is the networking process?
A: Effective networking follows a three-stage process.

1. First contact - the handshake, introduction and exploration.
2. Cultivating - nurturing and building the relationship.
3. Harvesting - getting leads, support or business from the relationship.

Q: Which stage is most important in networking?
A: The cultivating stage. This is where so many networkers give up. This stage is the most time consuming. This stage is where you demonstrate who you really are.

Q: Why do so many get frustrated with networking?
A: Because it takes time. Networking is a long-term plan.

Q: What are the benefits of networking?
A: Networking is an inexpensive form of marketing. It takes some time, effort and creativity. If you are able to expend those things you can be an effective networker and grow your business or career faster.


Networking is an integral part for any business that wants to survive. Those that are interested in pursuing a degree in leadership for business and roles in nonprofit organizations may consider an organizational leadership masters.

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