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Networking Can

Save Your Life

Can networking save your life – or that of someone close to you? Oh Yes!

My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His doctor missed the early signs of cancer and then was slow in reacting. Fortunately my father asked me for help and did some of his own checking. We both did some networking.

I mentioned my concern about the prostate cancer to a long time business colleague. She made some calls and a few days later gave me the name of a surgeon that was known as one of the best.

At the same time my father asked around his fitness club and learned of a retired physician who had survived prostate cancer. The retired physician gave him the name of the surgeon who operated on him – and added that he considered this surgeon to be the best.

The same name came up twice from two separate networking relationships. That demonstrates that networks are interconnected.

The bottom line – my father was able to arrange for a referral and quick surgery, and has survived the cancer. If my father had endured the ‘normal’ channels, it is questionable that he would still be alive.

Networking is not just about business. Networking is about connecting people who can help each other. Networking is about helping you make the right connections to get to the next step.

The more people you have in your network the more successful you will be in whatever you choose to do. And perhaps - the longer you will live.


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Networking, BNI, Business networking, social networking, BNI networking