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Your Guide to Networking Success

Principles, Strategies, Techniques, Examples and Tips to help you Get More Business by Building Stronger, More Profitable Networks.

Time is the only non-renewable resource. Use it wisely.
-Peter Urs Bender

1. Maximize your time and message

How do you get more from your networking time? Plan your networking both strategically and tactically.

Create a networking plan that fits your business plan. Choose networking groups that fit your plan. In selecting your networking groups ask yourself these questions. Who do you want to do business with? Who do you want to associate with? Who do you want to be known by? Who can help you do more business?

The best groups to join and visit are those your best prospects belong to. Some associations allow supplier members. That is letting the fox in the henhouse.

The next best is one where you will find possible allies or advocates. These are people who because of their positions might influence others to do business with you. This might be a referral, “I heard they were looking…”, “You can use my name...”, or an endorsement and direct introduction.

The third-best networking groups are ones where you might find second best prospects, secondary referrals and social contacts.

Some groups might be a combination of these three types.

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Your Guide to Networking Success



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Your Guide to Networking Success

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